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I am an experienced developer with lots of real-world knowledge. I have a proven track record of success whether its sales & prospect generation or getting your name out there. I will help you add value to your business! I have worked with small one-person busines, and up to large multi-million turnover corporations and many sizes in-between.

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Website Development

I have experience as full stack developer meaning I am versatile and am also able to see the bigger picture when it comes to additions and change. Landing pages, multipage website and even Ecommerce my experience is well rounded and vast.

Software Development

I am very comfortable within the .net framework and am strong in C#, But capable in any C derivative, as well as an understanding of OOP. This skill set enables me to create software to help your business.

Video Game Development

I have been making games for a long time; I started in 2005 while playing a game called Runescape. I am strong in Unity and C# as well as countless other game engines. I have worked with state machines and other game development concepts.

My Portfolio

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After helping advise the football club in a consultancy role. I decided to take on the responsibility of looking after their dated and falling to pieces website. Migrating it to WordPress in 2008.

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My first commercial website built using Wordpress. He wanted a minimalistic blog where he could post tips and news on horse racing, my client a professional sports journalist for a major UK newspaper.

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I have been working with this client since 2013 and done multiple projects together. This website is built in WordPress giving my client and her staff opportunity to update the website.

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This is my portfolio website, I wanted to showcase my skills outside of WordPress so this website was coded with bootstrap and using bits of JavaScript. It also shows some design skills as I took inspiration from a video game called Firewatch.

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I am always looking for new opportunities both as a freelance or full time give me a call or email.

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